December Custom Printing Special
Fine Print

Edition of 25 Prints
Includeds 2 addtional artist proofs and one printers proof (for me!)

18”x24” paper size, image can be full bleed or with a border
“True White” 100 lb cover stock from French Paper included.  Paper is a nice offwhite with fiber flecks.

Up to three colors.  I can do color separations for your image for an extra cost.


Thats $7.40 per print.
Sell 25 prints @ $25 = $625
Sell 25 prints @ $50 = $1250
Clearly a great deal!

Limited Availability, so please book ASAP!  I am hoping to do these  Dec 10 - 18

Aditional Charges:

Digital Film Output is charged based on the total area printed.  Expect to pay around $30 for an image that makes full use of the paper size in all three colors.

Shipping - if shipping is needed expect to pay $40-$50 for shipping.  Local Pickup in PGH is an option, and MAYBE pick up NY around the holidays...

Color Separation:
If your image is separated, great!  Send it over.  I also love to work with hand drawn separations, and am happy to provide guidance if you are interested in drawing your own separations.  Hand drawn separations also don’t incur a film output charge.

I am happy to do your color separations for you, also!  I will send over a statement about how I will approach it and a quote based on your image.  Separations will either be digital or by hand depending on the needs of the image.  Quotes will be based on an hourly rate. 

For example:

watercolor by Zach Burba separated by hand into 4 colors.
More examples of custom printwork is here and here.

Please email me at with any questions and to book!