First Timer Special

These specs are designed as an easy and low cost way to get into the silkscreen state of mind.

The deal:
-4 colors
-18”x24” or smaller
-25 prints
-paper is included

The details:
Come with a color sketch and we’ll turn it into a 4 color silkscreen print.  Expect to spend a couple hours in the studio drawing (or on the computer if you work digitally).  Don’t worry about colors up front, make the sketch as you normally would, or choose an existing painting or drawing to make into a print.  

18”x24” paper size, image can be full bleed or with a border.

The included paper is 100# cover stock from French Paper Company.  In an off-white color, the specific tone depends on my mood...  You may supply your own paper but there is no discount.

Edition of 25 Prints PLUS 2 addtional artist proofs and one signed printers proof (for me!)

Aditional Charges:

Digital Film Output, if needed, is charged based on the total area printed.  Expect to pay around $40 for an image that makes full use of the paper size in all four colors.  Often we will make films by hand, but depending on your work, digital films may be the way to go.

Please email me at with any questions and to book!

I have done projects like this long distance and while it can be a bit trickier to talk about colors and plans without having the thing in front of you it is still completely do-able!  Just be warned shipping charges will apply, expect to pay $40-$50 for shipping.