Please note: I am probably not taking new jobs at this time.

I am happy to take on art + design jobs of all shapes and sizes.  Please see the “Design + Illustration” link under “Artwork” for examples of previous projects.

Art + Design projects are separated into two categories - those intended for analog printing and those intended for web or digital printing.  I do this only because I approach each project a little differently based on their intended medium.

Analog printing mostly refers to silkscreen printing or “spot-color” offset printing.  In both processes, artwork is constructed color by color, which each individual color being its own drawing or “layer”.  These layers are then printed one at a time, building an image that can be many colors but may also be only one or two colors.  I am always excited about working on projects that I design and print myself.  More information about printing is under “Contract Printing.”  I am also happy to provide you with print-ready digital files which can be printed elsewhere.

For web or digital print projects your color palette is unlimited.  The final product will be a digital file that can be printed in “CYMK” by any commerical printer.

If you are unsure about what you want or what options you have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!