More info on custom printing:


I quote projects based on a day rate of $350 + materials.

The prices for standard materials (inks + films + drawing materials) are small, expect to pay about $15-$40, depending on the scale of the project.

Non-standard materials (specialty inks, other wierd stuff) can be provided at cost.

Digital film output costs $0.50/linear inch at 24” wide.  

Paper is supplied by the artist.  I am happy to provide suggestions, and occasionally have paper in stock I can sell.  I can also provide wholesale prices on the Legion Paper catalog for larger orders.

Print Specs

The maximum print size I can accomodate for standard editions is 28”x20”
max paper size is 22”x30”

I am happy to piece together larger prints but keep in mind it will take more time.

Color Separations

In most collaborative projects I ask the artist to create the separations, especially if the print is to be generated by hand.  If the process is new to you, don’t worry!  We’ll go through everything and it will fun.

Hands-Off Printing

I am also happy to create separations myself from drawings, paintings, digital images, etc.  If you’ve got an orginal and you want to have silkscreen prints made, I can make it happen.

e-mail me at to get something going.